2005, Extension 2010


Surface water


Potable water production


City of Minneapolis


299,047 m³/d (79.5 MGD)


At the Columbia Heights Membrane Filtration Plant (CHMFP), one of the largest ultrafiltration (UF) plants in the world, the City of Minneapolis selected X-Flow’s Xiga UF membranes for the production of high-quality drinking water. Commissioned in 2005, the CHMFP originally had the capacity to treat 70 million gallons of raw water per day drawn from the upper Mississippi River. In 2010, capacity increased by 14 percent to 79 MGD.
The UF technology provides a physical barrier to potential waterborne pathogens, resulting in drinking water that complies with all regulatory standards. The Xiga UF membranes are proven to provide 6-log (99.9999 percent) reduction for the protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia, and 4-log (99.99) reduction of waterborne viruses.

water quality

 water quality parameter  units feed uf  permeate uf 
 Temperature °C  0 – 32  0 – 32
 Turbidity NTU   < 5
< 0.1
 Total number of organisms   4 log reduction 

scope of supply

5120 x Xiga 40 UF membrane

Engineering & commisioning
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