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Public buildings with complex piping systems have the potential to experience contamination by pathogenic waterborne bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. These bacteria can pose a serious threat to patients, guest and staff. Even with incoming water of good quality, biofilm can build up in the system, which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
Once there, it is very hard and costly to eradicate. We offer you a complete product range to overcome this challenge by effectively removing contamination threats from potable water in public buildings.

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There are two primary types of water treatment scenarios in the healthcare setting:
  • Point-of-use
  • Point-of-entry

treatment solutions

Point-of-use treatment
Water lines can become infected with a biofilm that creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Once this occurs, it is very hard to eradicate. Point-of-use membrane filtration is often the safest and most cost-efficient solution.

X-Flow products include a range of shower and tap filters, both for outbreak situations and for permanent use in critical areas.

The X-Flow ShowerFilter Deluxe is the perfect solution for legionella outbreaks in hospitality settings.

The X-Flow line of Medical Water Filters, including the ShowerFilter Deluxe, TapFilter and Inline Filter, provide convenient and reliable protection against waterborne pathogenic bacteria, such as Legionella and Pseudomonas.

Point-of-entry treatment
As a preventive measure, point-of-entry membrane technology will keep the water of a facility free of biofilm growth during the entire lifetime of the building. This type of membrane filtration will ensure high quality water for all applications within the building, including hemodialysis, decontamination washers, clean sterilizer reuse, analyzer equipment, food service or the boiler room.

The X-Flow line of ultrafiltration (UF) membrane modules, including the LineGuard, the X-line rack and the Aquaflex, are well-suited for point-of-entry treatment.

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