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nanofiltration case study

Read more about how we applied X-Flow Nanofiltration in one of our projects in Australia. At this water treatment plant we did a pilot test with our Pentair X-Flow HFW1000 Membrane Elements.

webinar on demand


In this Pentair X-Flow separation solutions webinar our experts Frans Knops and Jens Potreck will compare 8 possible solutions for removing Natural Organic Matter (NOM) from surface water.


research drinking water  

Read the interesting research of Rahul Aggarwal in which he did research on 9 alternatives for a potable water production plant in Sweden. The alternative based on Nanofiltration came out as the most environmentally friendly solution.

from raw water to potable water in a single step

The drinking water of hundreds of millions of people is polluted as a result of poor wastewater management. Half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas by 2025. New and evolving technologies allow us to reuse more wastewater and rely on surface water for producing drinking water. If you are in the business of solving water issues in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner, clearly there is still a great deal of work to be done. Nanofiltration has its own place in solving the world’s drinking water problems.

To support your needs, Nanofiltration (NF) is used in the production of high-quality drinking water as it rejects trace organic compounds, heavy metals and viruses at a lower energy demand than reverse osmosis.

Many drinking water suppliers are dependent on surface water of declining quality, often due to increased levels of NOM. Rely on the Pentair X-Flow HFNano Solution for an effective way to treat raw surface water and produce potable water in just one process step, without the need for any additional treatment. 

When do you choose hfnano?

  • Feedwater color: up to 100 Hazen units 
  • Feedwater TOC (Total Organic Carbon): up to 50 mg/l 
  • Low salinity, low hardness 
  • Microbiological contamination requiring multiple barriers (e.g. combining NF with UV and chlorine)

While the above is a good indication of surface water conditions that warrant the choice for HF Nano, the ideal solution is determined by your site-specific conditions and your water quality. In general, flow demand and the availability of proper sludge discharge facilities drive the choice between coagulation/ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.

gain piece of mind

The quality of surface water is deteriorating in many parts of the world, making it harder to reach the quality standards for potable water. Apart from increased Natural Organic Matter) NOM levels, rapid changes in water quality can occur as a result of greater fluctuations in rainfall. 

Drinking water suppliers also face tightening legislation, investor concerns and pressure on operational costs. They need new and better methods for NOM and color removal, after many have been tried over the years with varying degrees of success. Specifically, they need an effective and sustainable system that provides full control over their product quality at an affordable price, now and in the future.

Pentair X-Flow HFNano Solution provides the answer. By using Pentair X-Flow HFW1000 Membrane Elements, HFNano combines and leverages the strengths of hollow-fiber technology and nanofiltration.

Benefit from the innovative HFW1000 hollow-fiber NF membrane element is chlorine-resistant and backwashable, addressing the drawbacks of spiral-wound NF membranes. HFNano also eliminates the need for coagulants to remove dissolved organics.


HFNano systems are built when it becomes difficult to treat surface water.

  • Where sustainable operation with very low environmental impact is required
  • Relatively small-scale operations in remote locations with NOM and color issues  
  • Tourist locations with seasonal occupation, such as visitor centers 
  • Water plants without operating personnel that require a high degree of automation 

Coloured surface water


Understand how our Pentair X-Flow HFNANO Solution can work for you.

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HFW1000 Membrane element

  • High removal of organic matter1
  • Certified for bacteria and viruses: 4-log (99,99 percent)2
  • Hydrophilic membrane composed of (modified) PES (high performance and superb antifouling behavior)
  • Highly asymmetric/microporous structure
  • Typical permeate quality:5 SDI < 3, turbidity <0.1NTU
  • Online integrity testing
  • Simple pretreatment with strainer
  • 1 Aggarwal, Rahul. “Strategic Assessment of Drinking Water Production Systems Environmental Impacts from a Life Cycle Perspective: A Case Study of Norrvatten Future Drinking Water Production Alternatives. ” DIVA, KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, 11 Dec. 2020,
    2 Registered at as Nanofiltration device, HFW1000. Certified by NSF for Cryptosporidium removal efficiency, with a mean log removal value of 6.32 log, and minimum LRV of 5.75 log. The maximum certified filtration flux rate is 23.5 gfd. Also tested for virus removal efficiency, with a mean LRV of 5.54 and a minimum of 5.44 log.

    the crucial advantages of pentair x-flow hfw1000

    The innovative Pentair X-Flow HFW1000 Membrane Element offer the combination of high chemical resistance with hollow-fiber technology and the superior performance of nanofiltration in retaining dissolved organic matter. 

    Rely on the robust HFW1000 Membrane Element that is easy to clean by reversing the flow and with aqueous chlorine solutions. Feel confident knowing the effluent is free of chemicals. The hollow-fiber technology delivers an excellent permeate quality and allows for integrity testing while in operation. 

    The integration of HFW1000 Membrane Elements in the X-Flow HFNano Solution makes for a straightforward production process. No coagulation means no waste generated by sludge and chemicals, and no disposal and transport issues. Communities in remote areas can benefit from a simple, robust, safe, and reliable system to produce drinking water.


    Discovering what you and your customers strive for –  a chemical free water treatment with one-step nanofiltration.

    Learn more and download the Pentair X-Flow HFNano Brochure.

    Webinar on demand

    Drought and water scarcity are issues that are high on the global agenda. Rainwater harvesting, energy efficient desalination plants and recycling wastewater allows to reduce scarcity and ease pressures on groundwater and other natural water bodies. But how to turn these types of water into potable water in the most sustainable way?  

    In this free webinar, the experts Frans Knops and Jens Potreck will show their knowledge and expertise on the different solutions available in the market. Which filtration solution effectively removes humic substance and color from surface water.

    We compare several solutions developed to reduce dissolved organics.

    The purpose of this webinar is to help you select  the most sustainable solution for your water challenge with confidence. 

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