31 October 2019

X-Flow announces two innovations at Aquatech 2019

Pentair, a leading global water company, will present its latest products and innovations at Aquatech Amsterdam, the world’s leading trade exhibition for process water, drinking water and wastew...

Pentair, a leading global water company, will present its latest products and innovations at Aquatech Amsterdam, the world’s leading trade exhibition for process water, drinking water and wastewater. This year’s edition takes place from November 5 to 8. 

X-Flow is announcing a new high-performance 75m2 UF membrane element and the all-new interactive Xpert web app.

Aquatech attracts visitors with a professional interest in water treatment from around the globe. The world’s biggest water technology show brings together companies and professionals from across the water landscape including commercial, residential, and municipal to industrial sectors such as food & beverage, medical, oil & gas and mining. This is where the water world meets to exchange ideas, gain the latest product knowledge, and forge new commercial relationships. Pentair can be found in hall 1, booth 102.

For industrial water applications, Pentair will showcase a breakthrough in the quest for maximum membrane capacity with a minimum footprint to deliver greater flexibility to customers. Pentair X-Flow has developed a new high-performance membrane module that increases the total membrane surface area from 64m2 to 75m2 without changing the module dimensions. With the same small sized housing, the new 75m2 UF element is a real powerhouse that boosts Pentair X-Flow’s proven water treatment technologies Aquaflex, X-line and Xiga. And with the same installation dimensions, the 75m2 also offers an immediate opportunity to retrofit and upgrade existing Aquaflex or X-line systems.

The all-new interactive Pentair Xpert web app for water and wastewater treatment will also be presented at Aquatech. Featuring the world’s first conversational interface in the membrane filtration industry, Pentair Xpert guides users through selecting the right technology and configuration for water and wastewater treatment to meet your specific project needs.

As a designer and manufacturer of quality water treatment systems and components for residential and commercial applications, Pentair will highlight several smart, sustainable solutions, including:

  • Pentair Fleck 5800 Valve Series: features interchangeable timers, and a low-profile structural composite tank with significant strength and chemical resistance for water conditioning and filtration applications.
  • Pentair Premium Foleo Water Softener: reduces salt use by up to 50 percent compared to a standard softener.
  • Scan & Service App: an upgraded version of the popular app features warranty extension functionality and access to detailed plans showing the parts to be changed during maintenance rounds.

Specializing in the design, production and maintenance of tailor-made pumps and pump systems for critical water infrastructure and industrial applications, Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis is showing the full extent of its capabilities in water treatment, wastewater and sewage, and flood control. A highlight at the Pentair booth will be the fish-friendly flood control pump, a sustainable solution designed to protect wildlife and the environment while saving energy. Developed to counter the adverse effects of conventional pumps in pumping stations on fish stocks, the patented pump allows 100 percent of the eels and at least 97 percent of all other fish to pass through a pumping station unscathed. Pentair further advanced the fish-friendly technology with its Bi-Directional Tidal Turbine to generate energy from tidal currents while maintaining proven fish friendliness. In addition, the fish-friendly impellers themselves have also been improved, so that even higher efficiency can be achieved and they can now also be designed for smaller pumping stations. Visitors can have a close look at a large fish-friendly impeller during Aquatech Amsterdam 2019.

Aquatech attendees, as well as those unable to attend, can learn more about the smart, sustainable water solutions Pentair is showcasing by visiting Pentair.com/Aquatech. A virtual tour of the Pentair booth will be available in conjunction with the start of the exhibition on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.