27 February 2020

Xpert: interactive app for water and wastewater

Replacing and advancing the Pentair Projection Tool As both a replacement and advancement of the trusted projection tool software, Pentair Xpert offers partners great versatility and convenience. Pent...

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Replacing and advancing the Pentair Projection Tool

As both a replacement and advancement of the trusted projection tool software, Pentair Xpert offers partners great versatility and convenience.

Pentair Xpert is a web-based application that runs on all major web browsers and on all devices by adapting to the screen size, whereas the projection tool was desktop software. Once you are granted access by your Pentair account manager, the numerous advantages of the interactive setup will soon be obvious. The new tool still allows you to design entire filtration systems, including all ancillary equipment and all operational requirements that mobilize decades of experience with membrane technology. In addition to all that, it has various unique new features.

The ideal configuration
Featuring the world’s first conversational interface in the membrane filtration industry, Pentair Xpert guides you in selecting the right technology and determining the ideal configuration for water and wastewater treatment systems to meet your project-specific needs. Not limited to conversational interface, the new tool allows you to compare different X-Flow technologies and evaluate the best configuration within any technology to select the solution with the lowest cost of ownership and the highest efficiency. Our Technical Support Specialist Karthi Pitchaikani, who presented the demo of Pentair Xpert at Aquatech 2019, says that many visitors tested the app and were impressed with the interactive functionality. “There were lots of wow moments about the way the bot filters technologies and all were amazed with the results page, particularly with the real 3D perspective and the level of detail. One customer commented that we are leaving the competition behind with the conversational interface and this degree of interactivity. The bot did fail to understand some water and wastewater sources which were reviewed and added to it’s intel, ensuring that the system gains knowledge and will be smarter over time. A few customers tested the bot several times independently and found out how easy to use it really is.” Making the web app smarter is going to be a continuous task. Pentair Xpert will be accessible in English, it will become available in even more languages at a later stage. Initially, Pentair Xpert will allow you to work on Aquaflex, Xiga, X-Line, Airlift, Megablock, and Crossflow technologies, which will later be extended with AnMBR and HFNANO technologies. The new app is developed to expand the possibilities of cooperation during every phase of our Membrane+ approach. It will be easier than ever before to prepare design projections and submit them for our technical specialist’s review and to maximize your results at every project phase – all in one place.

Increasing functionality
The overall functionality of Pentair Xpert is expected to increase over time, offering more advanced and detailed calculations, various operating modes such as inline (fixed flow), SWRO brine backwash, dual-stage UF, no BW pump and tank mode, and more. The system offers guidelines, parameter recommendations, customization options, and comprehensive information on operational settings. All of this will help you exceed customer expectations, optimize their processes, and devise preventive maintenance routines to avoid downtime and excessive wear and tear. Pentair Xpert enables you to offer customers major operational advantages, including unparalleled efficiency and reliability.


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