The Pentair X-Flow Xiga solution is an unique and robust solution that provides maximum membrane footprint utilization. This enables inline operation and direct coupling with a downstream reverse osmosis (RO) system without an intermediate break tank.



typical use

The Xiga solution is a reliable and cost effective solution. Up to 4 ultrafiltration (UF) modules can be placed in one GRP housing. The largest Xiga unit has 4 columns of GRP housings which are stacked 12 housings high, holding 192 membrane elements in total. This incredibly compact design delivers a huge membrane area per square meter of floor space. In fact, Xiga provides the highest membrane area-to-footprint ratio in the market. Although Xiga is mainly used in big projects (> 10 MLD), the concept is also suitable for smaller plants. The smallest Xiga has 2 columns with 6 GRP housings, holding 48 membrane elements.

Since the UF membrane modules are positioned inside GRP housings, the operational pressure can be up to 8 barg. This allows for inline operation and direct coupling with a downstream reverse osmosis (RO) system without intermediate break tank. Inline design reduces capital expenses, as feed pumps, cartridge filters and a break tank can be omitted. 

Xiga can handle feedwater up to 30 NTU and turn it into an excellent water quality that can be used in, for example, RO processes. The Xiga unit and UF membrane elements have all major drinking water certifications.


With carefully selected partners, Pentair develops innovative and ready-to-use membrane installations that meet both regulatory and financial KPIs. The Pentair scope consists of the modular Xiga solution, X-Flow membrane elements, engineering, commissioning and process optimization.
As one of the world’s foremost membrane technology knowledge centers, we share our scientific know-how and practical experience with our partners to make the difference in challenging filtration projects. 

Our unique Membrane+ approach during start-up and commissioning ensure a properly functioning membrane solution that will beat expectations.

Fields of application

Xiga is developed for the treatment of surface water (to produce potable water or process water) and drinking water. It it also applicable for wastewater polishing and reuse. As pretreatment for seawater RO, it has a very impressive reference base. Xiga is also applied in industries such as Oil & Gas (injection water production).

It is the industries’ solution of choice when it comes to potable water, process water or polishing applications.
Based on your feedwater characteristics and flow requirements, our specialist can determine the optimum solution for your specific challenge.

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