Airlift Megablock

Pentair X-Flow Airlift Megablock: Pre-engineered membrane bioreactor solution for large-scale wastewater treatment.



typical use

Ideal for large scale wastewater treatment: Pentair X-Flow Airlift Megablock (MGB) Solution adopts the X-Flow Airlift principle in pre-engineered membrane filtration blocks with the Pentair X-Flow 3mm XF32 Membrane Elements. The X-Flow Airlift Megablock Solution revolutionizes the construction of the MBR system with pre-engineered assembly components

that reduce the total construction time and a minimum membrane footprint. It provides a simple, reliable mounting of membrane elements to the segments and easy connections to the bioreactor. Be assured of effective cleaning of the membranes and easy maintenance with Pentair X-Flow sidestream membrane bioreactor solutions.


With carefully selected partners for the biological part, Pentair develops innovative and ready-to-use membrane installations that meet both regulatory and financial KPIs. 

With world-class X-Flow Membrane Solutions and Pentair X-Flow Membrane+ Approach, you’ll gain peace of mind. Delivering what you and your customers strive for – treating low and medium strength wastewater and producing high-quality filtrate in bioreactor applications with a small footprint.

Fields of application

Applications for the X-Flow Airlift Megablock are large-scale municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. By combining biomass and membranes, the wastewater can be reused, for example for irrigation purposes. The combination of biological treatment with UF membrane separation provides a reliable single barrier for bacteria and viruses and enables wastewater treatment plants to efficiently handle fluctuating amounts of water while complying with stringent regulatory requirements. Example applications of the X-Flow Airlift Megablock are municipal wastewater treatment, hospital wastewater and refinery wastewater.

The sweet spot for the X-Flow Airlift Megablock is above 7,5 MLD, whereas the regular X-Flow Airlift Solution is suitable for smaller projects.