Aquaflex High solids

Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex High Solids (HS): One-step, direct high-solids Ultrafiltration solution.



typical use

A combination of our solution and membrane element that outranks the standalone membrane filtration for challenging feed water qualities: Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex High Solids (HS) Solution benefits from the versatile operating concepts of X-Flow Aquaflex Solution combined with the Pentair X-Flow XF33R 3 mm or 5 mm Compact Membrane Elements.

It eliminates the need for conventional pretreatment requirements of traditional ultrafiltration (UF) systems. Reduce the overall footprint and total cost of ownership by one-step direct high solids filtration with the X-Flow Aquaflex HS Solution. With upfront direct coagulation, ultrafiltration membranes reduce the color and dissolved organics to meet stringent water-quality requirements. 


With carefully selected partners, Pentair develops innovative and ready-to-use membrane installations that meet both regulatory and financial KPIs. 

With world-class X-Flow Membrane Solutions and Pentair X-Flow Membrane+ Approach, you’ll gain peace of mind. Delivering what you and your customers strive for – treating challenging feed water qualities with one-step UF.

Fields of application

The High Solids Package can be used for surface water, tertiary effluent and lagoon water to remove suspended solids. The package offers the solution to the problem of monsoon rains and other situations that create high peaks in turbidity. The package is also a perfect solution for wastewater treatment, when suspended matter is above 200 ppm. 

The system is widely applied in municipal and industrial markets, including Food & Beverage, mining, power, and agriculture.