We offer you a complete product range to overcome the challenge of contamination in public buildings by effectively removing contamination threats from potable water.

X-Flow provides an excellent answer to the challenges associated with water usage in the food & beverage industry.


Pentair X-Flow - The Showerfilter Deluxe is designed for hospitality facilities Pentair -X Flow - The Tapfilter has a membrane pore size of 0,2 micron


typical use

Pentair offers a range of X-Flow point of- use membrane filters for shower heads and water faucets that are specifically designed for hospitality and medical facilities. In the event of an outbreak in order to protect immune or compromised patients these filters provide easy and reliable protection against waterborne bacteria at the last possible moment before human contact.

The filters are equipped with unique replaceable X-Flow filter cartridges or modules that feature hollow fiber microfiltration membranes with billions of microscopic pores. The pores form an ultra-fine filter that retains any bacteria or fungi present in the water. This results in clean and safe water.

Point-of-use treatment (POU)
Water lines can become infected with a biofilm that creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Once this occurs, it is very hard to eradicate. Point-of-use membrane filtration is often the safest and most cost-efficient solution. X-Flow products include a range of shower and tap filters, both for outbreak situations and for permanent use in critical areas.

Point-of-entry treatment (POE)
As a preventive measure, point-of-entry membrane technology will keep the water of a facility free of biofilm growth during the entire lifetime of the building. This type of membrane filtration will ensure high quality water for all applications within the building,



The Pentair ShowerFilter Deluxe is designed for use in hospitality facilities such as hotels and sport resorts. In addition to protection from legionella it features a contemporary chrome-plated design, a hygienic cartridge change and anti-scale spray nozzles. The use of a flow restrictor turns it into a water saving shower head.

Medical Water Filter

Patient and staff safety in hospitals is of vital importance, especially in high-risk areas such as critical wards, intensive care units and operating rooms. Pentair offers a complete range of POU Medical Water Filters for shower heads, taps and faucets.

Fields of application

Complex piping systems in public buildings have the potential to experience contamination of pathogenic waterborne bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas that can pose a serious threat to all occupants. Even with a good quality incoming water, biofilm can build up in the system, which makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. 

It is proven that once present, bacteria are very hard and costly to eradicate. Pentair offers a complete range of products to overcome this challenge by effectively removing contamination threats from your building’s potable water.