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X-Flow is the international membrane brand of Pentair, the global water, fluid, thermal management, and equipment protection partner. Pentair addresses some of the world’s most pressing problems related to food, water and energy with innovative filtration products, services and technologies. With X-Flow, Pentair delivers membrane technology to OEM’s, partners and contractors through a worldwide distribution network. We pride ourselves on going further than the competition by proactively supporting clients with today’s most effective technical solutions. 

X-Flow uniquely combines high-quality membranes with outstanding implementation know-how. We call it our Membrane+ approach. The
X-Flow Membrane+ Approach helps our clients in solving any specific project-related problems, often before they even occur. Our engineers are committed to provide all the practical support required in every project phase from conceptual design to start-up and beyond: our services include maintenance support and tailor-made training sessions to enable organizations to continuously improve operations and reduce operational costs.

Membrane filtration purifies a liquid by separating it from unwanted particles as small as molecules. Our history in membrane development is one of continuous innovation, yielding competitive technology for producing potable water, cleaning and recycling waste and process water, and a range of industrial (non-water) applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

With X-Flow, Pentair continues to evolve as a membrane innovator. With our dedicated laboratory, R&D and production facilities in the Netherlands, we turn ideas into new opportunities for customers. Our track record of development and multiple product awards has brought X-Flow membranes to filtration projects around the world. It has earned us a reputation of quality and reliability, and the trust of many long-term clients. Everyone at Pentair is proud to work on sustainable solutions in a changing world. 
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