innovation overview

Through constant innovation and expanding possibilities for customers we strive for the best membranes. We introduced many membrane module innovations in the last few years.

1984 – X-Flow, A University Spin-off

2011 – Global UF market leader by GWI (35% Market share)

2011 – Water Technology Company of the Year by GWI

2011 – Aquatech Innovation Award for Hollow fiber NF Membranes
2012 – Pentair X-Flow HFS60 Membrane Element (Tight UF for colloidal silica removal)

2013 – Aquatech Innovation Award for Anaerobic MBR

2013 – Pentair X-Flow X-line Solution (Pre-engineered concept)

2014 – Pentair X-Flow HFW1000 Membrane Element (Hollow fiber NF Membrane for organics removal)

2015 – Pentair X-Flow Helix Technology and 12” Compact 75G

2015 – Aquatech Innovation Award for Helix technology

2020 – Pentair X-Flow XF75 Membrane Element
2021 – Pentair X-Flow Xpert Web App
            Pentair X-Flow Nanoqube

2023 -  Pentair X-Flow XF53 Membrane Element

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