research & development

Our R&D department in the Netherlands consists of a large team of highly educated specialists. In everything they do, there is close cooperation with their colleagues at product management and -implementation, as well as the engineers who focus on the best processes in different applications. The benefits of this full integration of research and product development are demonstrated by many worldwide patents and competitive advantages created for our customers.

Membrane center of excellence
With X-Flow, Pentair is determined to stay at the pinnacle of filtration technology. Our strong focus on R&D is crucial to partners and clients who are engaged in fiercely competitive markets. Realizing the full potential of innovations can -and often does- make the difference between failure and success. Our dedication to continuous improvements in product cost and quality is the driving force behind profitable filtration operations around the world.

Over the years, our R&D department has developed into a widely recognized membrane center of excellence in an international network of universities, technical partnerships and other Pentair companies.

Intensive knowledge exchange creates the conditions in which ideas are cherished, new concepts can flourish, and new ventures thrive. There are five main focus areas: membrane development, module development, process water, process wastewater/water reuse, and process beverage.

Range of commercial applications
Our well-equipped laboratory and leading role in membrane filtration technology makes our R&D department increasingly attractive to new scientific talent. The ongoing product development results in the construction of pilot installations and the adoption of X-Flow technology in a growing range of commercial applications. Recent innovations include hollow fiber nanotechnology for color removal (HFW1000), the pre-engineered UF package X-line, and tubular membranes. All serve to strengthen the business case of customers, and with our Membrane+ approach we provide the hands-on support needed to get the very most out of your X-Flow membranes.

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breakthrough helix technology

Pentair X-Flow breakthrough Helix technology