Wakefield, United Kingdom


September 2006


Raw water


Potable water production & wash water reuse


Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd.


7000 m³/d (1.85 MGD)


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has installed a comprehensive water purification and recovery system as part of the upgraded water treatment plant at their flagship site in Wakefield, North Yorkshire. As a beverage company, water quality, safety and stewardship is vital to CCE. The Wakefield manufacturing plant is the jewel in the crown for CCE and leads the way in innovation and quality. It has received accreditation to the prestigious “Coca-Cola” Company Quality System in 2001, only the fourth plant in the world to do so.

The performance of the installation is a strong endorsement of Pentair X-Flow’s reputation in water purification and as CCE’s Local Water Treatment Expert David Lumb concludes: 
“At Coca-Cola Enterprises, we are always seeking to increase the quality of our production methods and continually strive to raise environmental standards. We have been impressed with Pentair X-Flow’s technical competence and attention to detail. This system is a departure from our traditional water purification methods and the results are very promising. The improvements in water recovery are also remarkable.”


The X-Flow ultrafiltration system consists of four skids with a total of 96 Xiga 40 UF modules capable of processing 7000 m3 of water a day. The complete treatment plant operates automatically. Incoming water from the mains is stored in two 800 m3 storage tanks from where it is pumped to the four activated carbon tanks containing a total of 66 m3 of filter medium. After going through the activated carbon tanks and the organic scavenger, the water is pumped to the X-Flow skids which have a combined normal throughput capacity of 400 m3/h. The Xiga technology is effective in removing 99.99 percent of viruses and 99.9999 percent of bacteria, including water borne cryptosporidium.
Minimizing water wastage is another key part of the X-Flow system philosophy. 8 m3 of wash water an hour from the carbon filters and the ultrafiltration modules is pumped to a 60 m3 holding tank before going through the Pentair water recovery system. This has a capacity of 10 m3 an hour and incorporates the company’s Aquaflex 40 UF modules. For every cubic meter of water going through the recovery system, only 10 percent goes to waste. To ensure maximum performance, the plant is maintained in close association with Pentair under a service agreement.

scope of supply

96 x Xiga 40 UF membrane
4 x Xiga skid
4 x Aquaflex 40 UF membrane
1 x Aquaflex skid

  • Pentair Südmo valves
  • Electrical installation
  • Service contract