Istanbul, Turkey


Phase 1: 2008 at both sites
Phase 2: 2012 for Anatolian site expansion System


European site 2,000 m3/day Anatolian site 2,000 m3/day


15 g/l


ISTAÇ, the major Metropolitan Municipality of Instanbul processes municipal and industrial waste via landfills and incineration for about 16 million people. 
 During the processing of waste with a landfill leachate wastewater is being formed. This formation of leachate is caused by condensation processes and rain water entering the landfill. Since leachate contains a lot of organic and inorganic toxic compounds it needs to be collected at the bottom of the landfill to prevent pollution of soil, ground- and/or surface water. Before the leachate is being discharged it needs to be treated to remove toxic components. Due to the complexity leachate treatment is difficult. A proven and feasible technology is treating the leachate with an ultrafiltration Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) followed by nanofiltration.
Pentair was awarded by ISTAÇ’s in 2007 for the construction of two leachate treatment MBR + NF systems. Initially, the treatment plants were designed with a capacity of 2,000 m³/day (European site of Istanbul) and 1,200 m³/day (Anatolian site of Istanbul). In 2012, the Anatolian site was expanded to 2,000 m³/day. The final effluent is discharged to surface water.

water quality

units  feed  permeate  % REMOVAL 
5,000  < 50 > 99% 
30,000 < 125 > 99%  
13,000  < 1  > 99%
 1,500 < 1 > 99%  


Biological treatment
  • Process: Nitrification and denitrification
  • Aeration: Combined surface and bubble aeration system

  • Process: Pentair Crossflow UF
  • Membranes: X-Flow Compact membranes


Process: Crossflow 
Membranes: Spiral wound nanofiltration membranes

crossflow MBR

In a crossflow system, the feed flows parallel to the membrane surface, controlling the cake layer formation of retained particles by adjusting the crossflow velocity. In combination with an optimal cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedure, the Crossflow MBR process is an reliable and efficient solution for industrial wastewater treatment, like leachate.

Application area: Industrial wastewater treatment with high organic loadings.
Main applications
  • Leachate water treatment
  • Paper and pulp industries
  • Food, beverage and dairy industries
  • Chemical (process) industry
  • Tank cleaning water recycling
  • Textile industry

system layout

Crossflow MBR systems are available as standardized, modular skids. The modules are placed horizontally 
resulting in very reliable and compact installations. If desired custom built systems can be supplied.

scope of supply

European site
42 x Compact 27G UF membranes
7 x Crossflow skids

Anatolian site (after expansion)
42 x Compact 27G UF membranes
7 x Crossflow skids