The Compact 55G is a 10" x 4 meter membrane elements and belongs to the X-Flow Compact family. A GRE module widely used in the treatment of various types of wastewater. This size offers high-efficiency opportunities and versatility in treatment concepts and serves as retrofit to boost plant performance. The core of the Compact 55G are the proven X-Flow tubular UF membranes, with a mean pore size of 30 nm.


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  • Hydrophilic tubular polyvinylidene
  • Structure asymmetric
  • Mean pore size of 30 nm
  • Developed for use in large-scale processes for water purification
  • High performance and a very good antifouling behaviour
  • Membrane elements can be backflushed for efficient membrane cleaning resulting in a higher average product flux
  • Available with the X-Flow Helix technology, to enhance flux and herewith performance by providing enhanced mixing and efficient removal of the cake

Functional Description

X-Flow Compact 55G membrane modules

The Compact 55G is a X-Flow tubular UF membrane with a mean pore size of 30 nm.

Key specifications
  •  Temperature range: 0-40°C
  •  Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar

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fields of application

The X-Flow Compact 55G is widely used in the treatment of all kinds of wastewaters. The Compact 55G is a valuable addition to the Compact Family and particularly fit for applications such as MBRs, leachate treatment and effluent recovery. 

The membranes deliver instant high quality due to small membrane pore size, low operational cost due to high permeability and the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) due to Helix.



Membrane surface area
55 m²
Module dimensions (dxl)
10 inch x 4000 mm
Housing material
Glass fibre reinforced epoxy
Membrane material
Hydraulic membrane diameter
8 mm
Nominal pore size
30 nm
Helix technology
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