Membrane module configurations

To build a membrane filtration system, it is key that the membrane modules are applied in the right configuration. This also means that the modules need to be mounted adequately onto a skid, conform prescribed connection specifications. To enable the customer in doing so, X-Flow offers a set of connection configurations, applicable to one or more different modules, which describe the connection specifications, positioning and installation dimensions of the module including connection parts. Connection configurations are available for both large and small modules.

Large scale/ Commercial

Below you see a matrix which shows the applicability of our large scale / commercial membrane modules in the available connection configurations.

dead-end UF-2
dead-end uf-4 
x-LINE  eND CAPS  vertical
high pressure 
 airlift crossflow 
HFS60 + + + +    
Aquaflex 64     +    
Xiga 64 + +          
Xiga 46              
Seaflex 64     + + +    
Seaguard 64  + +          
Seaguard 46              
Aquaflex 20     +      
Compact 22V            
Compact 33V           +
Compact 33            
Compact 33G             +
Compact 27             +
Compact 27G             +

membrane module configurations - explanation

horizontal dead-end uf-2 & 4

The membrane module is placed in a horizontally positioned pressure vessel. The pressure vessel can hold either 2 or 4 membrane modules, all interconnected with each other. This configuration allows for small footprint designs and operating pressures up to 8 bar. Typical applications are pretreatment to (SW)RO, effluent polishing and potable water production. 

Key features:
• Designed for inline operation with (SW)RO
• Small footprint
• High operating pressure

Download the Horizontal dead end UF configuration datasheet.

Pentair X-Flow - Horizontal dead- end UF connection configuration


In this pre-engineered concept, the membrane modules are positioned vertically. With three end caps per module, building a system based on X-line does not require a separate header. This results in a highly flexible vertical concept, that can operate at pressures up to 3 bar. Typical applications are process water production, effluent polishing and potable water production. Click here to learn more about X-line.

Key features:
• Easy to assemble
• High flexibility
• Integrated headers

Download the X-line configuration datasheet.

Pentair X-Flow - X-line connection configuration

end caps

This is the ‘conventional’ vertical concept, which allows the customer to build skids in which every module is individually connected to a central header. This concept allows for treatment of water with higher concentrations of TSS, since Airflush and recirculation can be incorporated in the system and process. The membrane modules can be operated at max. 3 bar. Typical applications are effluent polishing and process and potable water production.

Key features:
• Robust design
• Process flexibility

Download the End caps configuration datasheet.

Pentair X-Flow - End Caps connection configuration

vertical high pressure

If a higher operating pressure is required (i.e. up to 8 bar) and a vertical orientation is preferred, this concept offers the solution. With one membrane module per pressure vessel, all modules are individually connecting to a skid. The typical application is pretreatment to (SW)RO. 

Key features:

• High operating pressure
• Designed for inline operation with (SW)RO
• Robust design

Download the vertical high pressure configuration datasheet.

Pentair X-Flow - Vertical High pressure connection configuration


This configuration makes it possible to operate membrane modules in an Airlift operating mode, An aerator at the bottom introduces a continuous flow of small air bubbles through the membrane bores as a cleaning mechanism. The module is vertically positioned and connects individually to a skid. Typical applications are municipal wastewater treatment and (low strength) industrial wastewater treatment.

Key features:
• Low energy consumption
• Small footprint
• Simple design

Download the Airlift configuration datasheet.

Pentair X-fLOW - Airlift connection configuration


Moving towards heavy duty water treatment (high solids and viscosity), Crossflow is often the process of choice, where the crossflow stream is used as a membrane cleaning mechanism. The membrane modules are positioned horizontally and installed in series. The modules are interconnected by means of crossflow bends. Typical applications are Crossflow MBR for leachate treatment or regular Crossflow for oil-water separation (e.g. produced water treatment).

Key features:
• Robust solution
• Copes with varying feed water quality
• High and constant effluent quality

Download the Crossflow configuration datasheet.
Pentair X-Flow - Crossflow connection configuration

Small scale/ Piloting

Below you see a matrix which shows the applicability of our small scale / piloting membrane modules in the available connection configurations.

1" X 1MM 
3" X 1MM 
3" X 3MM 
 RX-300 HFS  +      
 RX-300 0.9UFC
 RX-300 1.5UFC
 R-21 HFS*        
 R-21 0.9UFC*        
 Compact 0.17 - 3 mm    +    
 Compact 1.6 - 3 mm
 Compact 5.1G - 3 mm
 Compact 0.17 - 5.2 mm
 Compact 1.6 - 5.2 mm
 Compact 5.1G - 5.2 mm
 Compact 0.15
 Compact 1.2
 Compact 4.0G

* For the R-21 type modules, all the specifications are on the membrane module datasheet

Download our configuration datasheets: