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Pentair X-Flow R30 microfiltration Membrane Elements were developed for the removal of yeast cells, protein complexes and other turbidities from liquids such as beer, wine, cider and milk. These membrane elements, featuring high mechanical strength and high resistance to chemicals, are operated in crossflow mode. R30 Membrane Elements contain hydrophilic hollow fibers with a pore size in the range of 0.2 – 0.8 µm and are composed of polyethersulphone. The fibres are constructed in a stainless steel housing.



Pentair X-Flow R30 Membrane Elements in a beer membrane filtration system in a German brewery.


  • High permeability
  • Chemical resistance with a wide pH range (1 – 13) for cleaning and regeneration
  • Meets turbidity and yeast count specifications for beer, wine and cider
  • Allows for high concentrations of yeast in feed stream
  • Excellent back flush possibilities

Functional Description

Pentair X-Flow R30 Membrane Elements are usually racked in a skid (standard unit) of 4, 6 or 8 Membrane Elements. The permeate flow ranges between 1000-2500 liter per hour per membrane element, which amounts to 4-20 m3 per hour per skid. The mode of operation is batch-wise, continuous operation by alternation between two or more skids, or cascade systems.

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Fields of application

The Pentair X-Flow R30 microfiltration membrane element is ideal when it comes to sanitary and high temperatures applications.

The R30 Membrane Element is an excellent choice for the filtration of still and sparkling wines, wine must, juices, milk, vinegar and beer. 



Surface area
27 m²
Dimensions (dxl)
Approx. 250 mm x 1500 mm
Housing material
Stainless steel
1.5 mm
Pore size
0.2 - 0.8 µm
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