Crossflow UF

Pentair X-Flow Crossflow UF Solution: Membrane filtration solution for challenging wastewater treatment.



  • For produced water, SAGD application, mining wastewater and leachate treatment
  • Enchased side stream UF
  • Small footprint
  • Simple process

typical use

Relax with this robust membrane filtration system for challenging wastewater treatment: The Pentair X-Flow Crossflow UF Solution operates based on turbulence using the Pentair X-Flow 5.2 or 8 mm Compact Tubular Membrane Elements. Benefitting from the Pentair X-Flow Helix Technology, it prevents cake formation on the membrane layer by creating more turbulence at lower crossflow velocities which saves energy compared to the traditional crossflow membrane filtration systems with smooth membranes.

In combination with the bioreactor, the X-Flow Crossflow UF Solution as the sidestream membrane bioreactor system assures simple operation with effective cleaning of the membranes and easy maintenance.


X-Flow Crossflow UF Solution combines membranes with biological treatment. Crossflow UF is a unique membrane solution for the treatment of high strength wastewater, such as oil & gas and mining wastewater. 

With carefully selected partners, Pentair develops innovative and ready-to-use membrane installations that meet both regulatory and financial KPIs.

With world-class X-Flow Membrane Solutions and Pentair X-Flow Membrane+ Approach, you’ll gain peace of mind. Delivering what you and your customers strive for –  treating high strength wastewater and producing high-quality filtrate in wastewater treatment applications.

Fields of application

Used in applications such as water injection and re-injection, steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (CEOR).

The robustly designed X-Flow Crossflow UF Solution is available in four sizes: 1x8 modules, 2x8 membrane elements, 3x8 membrane elements and 4x8 membrane elements, with performances ranging respectively from approximately 50 to 100, 150 and 250 m3/h. 

For capacities under 50 m3/h the X-Flow Crossflow MBR Solution can be considered.

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