Pentair X-Flow X-line: Pre-engineered Ultrafiltration Solution.



  • Inside-out filtration
  • Pre-engineered, easy to operate, plug and play system
  • Fully automated system
  • Optimized footprint and low costs
  • Optimized footprint-to-flow ratio due to OptiFlow Caps
  • Designed to fit in a high cube container

typical use

X-line has been developed as a cost-effective and extremely versatile water treatment solution. With the leading-edge X-Flow Aquaflex ultrafiltration membrane elements at the core, X-line is the solution of choice in potable water, process water or polishing applications. 

The X-line system family consists of five preset sizes with two to twenty membrane elements, delivering a net output ranging from 5 up to 100 m3/h, depending on the feedwater quality. For fast assembly and to keep the concept flexible, the feed and permeate headers are integrated into OptiFlow Caps. They are designed to optimize the flow of your installation. 

Advantages of the OptiFlow caps:
  • Low pressure drop (up to 90% reduction)
  • Steady, continuous and well-distributed flow throughout the X-line racks
  • Smooth, downward flow to the membrane elements
  • Enhanced scalability


With carefully selected partners, Pentair develops innovative and ready-to-use membrane installations that meet both regulatory and financial KPI’s. The Pentair scope consists of the modular system concept, X-Flow membrane elements, engineering, commissioning and process optimization. 

As one of the world’s foremost membrane technology knowledge centers, we share our scientific know-how and practical experience with our partners to make the difference in challenging filtration projects.

Fields of application

The X-line system is developed for the treatment of surface water (e.g. for potable water or process water), wastewater polishing and reuse, and drinking water production where no certification is needed.

Currently the system is applied in industries such as Oil & Gas, Pool & Spa, medical, power and Food & Beverage. It is these industries’ technology of choice when it comes to potable water, process water or polishing applications.