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Pentair X-Flow XF40C Membrane Elements are based on hydrophilic hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membranes, composed of a PES/PVP blend. They have high mechanical and chemical strength, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The pressurized membrane elements with inside-out configuration are the industry’s choice for the removal of bacteria, viruses, suspended solids, and colloids.


Hollow fiber ultrafiltration


  • Removal of microorganisms
    • 99.9999% (LOG6) reduction of bacteria (Pseudomonas diminuta)
    • 99.99% (LOG 4) reduction of viruses (MS2 coliphages) by mechanical means 
  • High membrane packing density: One of the industry’s smallest free volume in a membrane elements
  • 100% integrity testing on individual fibers
  • Individual fiber repair
  • Very good antifouling behavior
  • Typical permeate quality:
    • SDI < 3
    • Turbidity < 0.1NTU
  • Excellent chemical resistance:
    • Wide pH range: 2 – 12
    • High chlorine stability:maximum free chlorine 250 mg/l
  • Typical high permeability: low energy consumption

Functional description

The core of the XF40C Membrane Element is the single-fiber, inside-out filtration process that delivers a robust solution. Mode of operation is feed-and-bleed with a minor crossflow or dead-end mode with regular backwash (permeate only) and chemically enhanced backwash.

The Membrane Elements are operated vertically and be utilized in two of Pentair X-Flow's unique Solutions: 
  • Aquaflex
  • X-Line

Fields of application

Potable water production
The X-Flow XF40C Membrane Elements provide superior separation performance and effective rejection of viruses and chlorine-resistant organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Process water production
The Membrane Elements offer an effective barrier to suspended solids and silt. The permeate can be used directly or, if salinity and dissolved solids are not within the required limits, the permeate can be fed to a downstream RO system.

Effluent polishing

The X-Flow XF40C are a reliable solution to meeting the highest standards for turbidity and microbiology. The polished effluent is ready for high- grade and unrestricted reuse applications.



Membrane surface area
40 m²
Module dimensions (dxl)
8” x 1527.5 mm
Housing material
Membrane material
Hydraulic membrane diameter
0.8 mm
Nominal pore size
20 nm

The Pentair X-Flow XF40 Membrane Element is formally known as Aquaflex 40 and Seaflex 40.

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