design phase

Our Sales Engineering department contributes to a smooth bid validation by fine-tuning all project parameters and verifying the technical and commercial feasibility of your full-scale membrane plant.

Critical aspects of technical and commercial bid validation:

  • Basic Process Design of full-scale membrane plant:
Validation of design projections, including the main operational parameters and membrane plant equipment, operational cost and NPV calculations, Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and mass balances.

  • Basic membrane plant engineering:
Review and optimization of the preliminary membrane plant Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and layout drawings.

  •  Basic membrane plant process control:
Validation of the intended process control for the full-scale membrane plant. This is the basis for the detailed Process Control Philosophy which can be provided by Pentair during the project execution phase, and which is the starting point in developing the full-scale membrane plant software.

  • Support during bid qualification: 
Technical and commercial support during the bid qualification process can be provided through supplementary documentation and explanation. Our engineers can also join you during bid qualification meetings with your end users, customers and/or consultants.

Projection design software 
For our partners we offer sophisticated design and simulation software for ultrafiltration systems was developed in-house and is used by customers all over the world. More than two decades of experience with membrane technology and application know-how have resulted in advanced software for UF system design, readily at your disposal. 

X-Flow uniquely combines high-quality membrane products with outstanding implementation know-how. Our specialized engineers contribute to your flawless operation of your filtration installations. Their experience makes the difference in terms of quality, safety, efficiency and reliability. Together we maximize your results! If you are interested to know more about our Membrane+ Approach, please fill in the contact form.