Pilot plant projects typically have these main objectives:
  • Validation of pre-designed membrane systems for full-scale projects, optimizing the operational settings and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as plant capacity, permeate water quality, energy and chemicals consumption, and overall recovery
  • Demonstrating the benefits of X-Flow membrane technology to end users, showing the clear advantages compared with alternative solutions
  • Testing the technical and commercial feasibility of new membrane products and applications, in close cooperation with X‑Flow R&D and end users

Pilots optimize performance

Most of our pilot plants are containerized and feature a panel PC with standardized yet flexible software, allowing for remote control and settings optimization. A typical pilot at a customer site will take 3 to 12 months, depending on the application. The pilot begins with a start-up and training week, in which one of our experienced pilot engineers is present on-site. Performance is monitored and controlled throughout the pilot trial period. A process engineer from our Sales Engineering department is involved to ensure adequate translation of the pilot results to the ideal full-scale basic design. 

Pilot performance optimization is a continuous process of data exchange and discussion between engineers, with the operational settings and KPIs agreed upon in the pilot plan as the starting point.

 pilot projects
 Optimization of operational settings
 Typical trial takes 3 to 12 months
 One week start-up and training period
Performance continuously monitored and improved
Sales Engineering delivers translation to full-scale system

X-Flow uniquely combines high-quality membrane products with outstanding implementation know-how. Our specialized engineers contribute to your flawless operation of your filtration installations. Their experience makes the difference in terms of quality, safety, efficiency and reliability. Together we maximize your results. If you are interested to know more about our Piloting and Membrane+ Approach, please fill in the contact form.