pentair university

Every membrane project starts with a solid basic design, which entails more than determining the required number of membrane elements based on plant capacity and feed water quality. It has to include a detailed assessment of process, mechanical, electrical and automation/control functionality.

This is where we have a wealth of experience to offer. The X-Flow training in the Pentair University helps contractors and OEMs to get the basic parameters right and avoid costly design errors which can impact short-term and long-term plant performance.

Early involvement

Having your plant design audited at an early stage ensures that any design changes, if necessary, will only have limited impact. It also ensures plant operation within predefined requirements, and a smooth commissioning and take-over by the end user.

Our early involvement has often proven to minimize financial project risks and maximize satisfaction levels for all parties involved.

Training benefits

Pentair University training sessions provide you with everything you need to properly design a membrane system for a great variety of water and wastewater applications. All relevant aspects of X-Flow membrane technologies are presented and trained in 3 to 4 days. Apart from the right knowledge, documentation and tools, you will also gain valuable contacts within the Pentair organization. Our experts will assist you if and when required, effectively giving your organization permanent access to our engineers and knowledge base.