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Pentair X-Flow - Filtration Spectrum
Typically, a lot of different sorts of compounds are present in a fluid, either suspended – varying in size – or dissolved – varying in weight. This filtration overview stresses the importance of decent RO pretreatment to prevent from fouling or plugging caused by the suspended compounds. X-Flow UF membrane modules are specifically developed for the effective removal of these compounds like bacteria, viruses and solids to protect the downstream (spiral wound) NF/RO*.

* Please note that the X-Flow membrane portfolio includes innovative hollow fiber NF. This technology does not require the pretreatment that a spiral wound NF would need due to two of its unique features: backwash ability and high chlorine resistance.

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X-Flow portfolio

The X-Flow portfolio covers a broad range of the filtration spectrum. The portfolio contains superior membrane technologies:
  • Nanofiltration - Chlorine resistant and backwashable hollow fiber membranes with an MWCO of 1,000Da
  • Tight ultrafiltration - Robust membranes With an MWCO of 10,000Da
  • Ultrafiltration - Proven technology available in hollow fiber and tubular membranes
  • Microfiltration - Hollow fiber membranes with a pore size of 0.1 to 1 mum

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 Ultrafiltration for water  Aquaflex
 Ultrafiltration for wastewater Compact 27
Compact 33
Compact 33V 
 Microfiltration R-100