tubular membranes

Our Pentair X-Flow Tubular Membranes are already in use for over four decades in wide applications of membrane filtration. Pentair X-Flow is applying an optimized diameter of the tubes in order to deal with the conditions in which these membranes are used. Where high(er) amounts of solids need to be separated from cleaned water, or turbulent conditions in the separating process offer great benefits, a tubular membrane system is the ideal choice. Depending on the processing optimization the ideal choice can be made between 5,2 or 8 millimeter internal diameter.

With the application of X-Flow tubular membranes, the open channels of the tubular membranes allow substantial levels of suspended solids and allow to reach filtration processing conditions that have a steady and continuous filtration modus. The majority of the membranes are produced using PVDF for the separating membrane. A polyester backing material is there to give the membranes their size and robustness. They are casted in a Pentair X-Flow Membrane Element made of PVC or GRP. Depending on the application a variety of process options is available

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