Microfiltration membrane technology is typically used to separate larger materials, such as yeast or proteins, from a liquid feed stream. Microfiltration (MF) works when particles enter the membrane at a higher pressure than the permeate stream. The pressure difference allows water to pass through the pores, while the membrane retains the larger particles.

Beer filtration
Microfiltration has proven to be very efficient in the filtration of beverages, specifically beer.
Pentair produces X-Flow microfiltration membranes to replace traditional forms of beer filtration.

When the yeast in beer has converted enough sugar into alcohol and needs to be removed, the conventional method is to use kieselguhr (actually occurring siliceous sedimentary rock) filters. X-Flow’s microfiltration membrane technology replaces this entire process by filtering the yeast straight from the beer, rendering the kieselguhr route obsolete.

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