tight ultrafiltration

A variety of membrane technologies can be used for water purification. X-Flow’s ultrafiltration membranes can be found in most applications, due to their exceptional qualities in the removal of viruses and bacteria. For suspended colloidal matter however, UF membrane technology alone is insufficient. A membrane with tighter pore size is required here. 

Molecular Weight Cut-off
Tight ultrafiltration (TUF) membranes provides the solution. Whereas a normal UF membrane has a Molecular Weight Cut-off (MWCO) of approximately 150 kilodalton (kDa) to 200kDa, a TUF membrane has a MWCO of 10 kDa to 20 kDa. The smaller the MWCO, the smaller the size of the particles the membrane can retain.  

TUF membrane technology is especially useful for applications in which the purity of the water is essential.

For example, cooling water for turbines must be as free as possible of any impurities, such as organic matter or colloidals, to avoid turbine damage.

Tight ultrafiltration is also the answer to the demanding circumstances in high-pressure boiler systems. The X-Flow TUF membrane modules can be retrofitted in power plants, or as an additional polishing step after ion exchange, allowing you to meet the colloidal silica limits for maximum boiler efficiency. X-Flow delivers robust membrane technology for long-lasting and reliable performance in every process.

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