xf75: higher surface area & higher performance

The new membrane element will bring a cost-effective solution to new water treatment projects and helps to enhance performance of existing systems within the same footprint. Whilst its outer dimensions are the same as those of its existing Pentair X-Flow membrane elements with membrane areas of 55 m2 and 64 m2, we redesigned the internal workings and used modified materi­als to create an element with extra membrane surface area. The result is an extension to 75 m2 of active membrane surface area – delivering a boost in performance.

The new XF75 membrane element looks exactly the same as the well-known XF64 and XF55 (also known as Xiga 64/Aquaflex 64 or Xiga 55/Aquaflex 55) elements. 

However, the new membrane element is only the same on the outside.

Our researchers and product develop­ers have created a stronger membrane material that enables the fibre’s inner and outer diam­eters to be modified, which results is an impres­sive extension to 75 m2 of active membrane surface area.

greater membrane surface area

This latest innovation provides key advantages in terms of square metres of surface area in relation to element size.
In fact, by maintaining with the existing element outer dimensions and increasing the total surface area to 75 m2, it has created a UF membrane element that has more membrane surface area per unit of weight or volume than the average of similar Pentair X-Flow UF technologies available today.

By not increasing the element size means that handling the new XF75 element is just as easy as dealing with existing membrane elements.

internal workings redesigned

Compared with the familiar 64 m2 membrane element, the XF75 element achieves a 17% increase in membrane surface area.
Performance is further enhanced through a complete redesign of the internal workings of the element. To ensure the best possible hydraulics, the central permeate tube design has been optimized. In addition, new end-caps were designed to improve the flow of water from the elements to the system. 
This latest element brings a cost-effective solution to new projects and also means that existing water treatment systems utilizing Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex and X-line technology can be given a significant performance boost within the same footprint.

Customers can also choose to reduce the number of elements and maintain the total membrane surface area. This means that the XF75 element provides the opportunity to retrofit and upgrade existing Pentair X-Flow Aquaflex or X-line systems in the simplest possi­ble way. Although the membrane’s diameter has been modified, there is no change in pretreat­ment requirements.

pENTAIR x-Flow X-line Solution

pilot performance results

One of the assessed parameters used to evaluate the performance of the XF75 element against the current XF64 element is the flux increase – higher flux with stable ultrafiltration performance can help improve the efficiency of a customer's plant. As shown in the resistance figure, the operation of the XF75 element is stable, even during increased fluxes. The pilot performance results reveal that the XF75 element's 10% higher flux is achieved with the same energy usage as that of the XF64 element.

CONTACT FORM XF75 membrane element

Membrane area and membrane volume

  • Higher surface area
  • Higher performance
  • Same element size


“Compared with the familiar XF64 membrane element, the XF75 element achieves a 17% increase in membrane surface area.”

- Jens Potreck, Global Technology Manager