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Clean, fresh water of a specified quality is mandatory in the food & beverage industry. This industry is one of the top three users of clean and safe water. High quality, reliable water, no matter the source, is always required to reach the required water quality right for each individual process. As the reduction of energy consumption and water footprint becomes the standard in this highly resource-intensive industry, filtration solutions that limit production costs and tap into the economic benefits linked to water conservation and reuse are preferred.

X-Flow technologies provide safe and reliable solutions while promoting process efficiencies against low- to moderate-energy efficiencies.

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X-Flow serves the Food & Beverage industry with proven technology for a wide range of technologies. A bottling plant has different needs than, for example, a chocolate factory. Product water in the beverage industry has to meet very high quality standards, while process water offers opportunities for endless reuse. Seemingly modest water savings can add up to impressive cost reductions, as can efficient wastewater treatment and full regulatory compliance.

With our broad expertise and decades of experience, we support the Food & Beverage industry with custom-made solutions that provide the all-important competitive edge in tough international markets. We deliver the Food & Beverage water solutions to all your water challenges, whether they are related to optimum use and reuse, maximum recovery of valuable components in waste streams, maximizing uptime, protection of your equipment, efficient wastewater treatment, or all of the above.

X-Flow technologies set the standard for ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) membranes in both water and wastewater treatment.

The X-Flow technologies can be used in either a vertical or a horizontal application for the treatment of:

  • Surface and ground water to potable water or process water (UF)
  • Water reuse to potable water or process water (UF)
  • In process solutions, for instance beer, juice or wine filtration (MF)

treatment solutions

X-Flow provides an excellent answer to the challenges associated with water usage in the food & beverage industry. Our technologies can be used for:

  • Biological waste water treatment
  • Water recycling and reuse
  • Color removal
  • Wine and cider filtration
  • Beer filtration
  • Filtration processes in dairy industry
  • Dairy filtration

In the food & beverage industry, the plant location, processing steps, ingredients, and final consumables vary significantly between sectors, which can include such diverse products as meat, dairy, soft drinks, wine, juice and beer filtration. Consequently, the water and wastewater needs will differ at the plant level.

Water treatment

The X-Flow portfolio offers a wide array of UF technologies for use by your water specialists, like Xiga (horizontal application) and Aquaflex vertical application).

Wastewater treatment
X-Flow supplies technologies for your wastewater specialists, to build excellent wastewater treatment systems.

X-Flow technologies can be used in several configurations like AirLift, Crossflow  and Anaerobic.

The food & beverage industry is typically the segment that generates highly loaded wastewater streams including breweries, distilleries for wine and liquor processing, dairy manufacturers and the sugar industry. Wastewater treatment is done primarily using bacterial degradation in reactors using no-, low- or medium levels of oxygen. Biological systems such as Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) use membranes for separation of water from the active biomass and therefore create an excellent water quality for re-use.

Product filtration
The X-Flow microfiltration modules, such as the R-100, have been the chosen method of filtration for wine, cider and grape juice. More than 40% of the total global wine production is filtered with a X-Flow membrane module. The X-Flow's microfiltration membranes greatly improve the wine or beverage quality, operation economics, taste stability, environmental impact and amount of product loss.  These membranes are also an excellent choice for beer filtration.

Dairy filtration
Milk is rich in proteins and numerous essential nutrients. To concentrate or remove these proteins and nutrients X-Flow is offering a wide range of milk ultrafiltration(UF) and milk microfiltration(MF) membranes. Milk ultrafiltration membranes range between 1.000 and 150.000 daltons.
Milk microfiltration membranes range between 0,1 and 0,65 microns. Pentair is offering  a wide range of  X-Flow membrane modules between 0,04m² up to 60m². 

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